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2017 theme:
Helping Paulding Prosper


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10 | 18 | 2017

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Insurance benefit
Affordable life and Accidental Insurane
Client’s need help supplementing retirement income?
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What does your client’s road to retirement look like? 
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How much retirement money do clients need?
With uncertain tax rates & economic times, client’s struggle with how much retirement money they will need.  Simple tax diversification can help.  Customize and share with clients this compelling explanation of how simple tax diversification can help supplement retirement assets.
Let "Max" take the wheel
Drive sales with the "Life To The Max" consumer-approved, interactive, educational and sales tool. It's easy to access - no user ID or PW required.   Plan your clients' road to retirement and beyond with simple explanations and charts.
Put the pedal to the metal
It doesn't get any easier (or better looking) than this - use the sleek “Life To The Max" high-performance sales tool and clinch that IUL sale today. Learn more about IUL and how it can supplement retirement assets.
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